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Please fill out the form below to request a quote. We will get you the most accurate quote we can with the information you provide to us. If you have any questions about the form please feel free to call us.

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“Do you find yourself spending more and more time getting your product out to your customers? Are you running out of storage? Are you spending hours printing up labels and then picking, packing and shipping? As an entrepreneur you need to utilize that precious time marketing your business and doing all of the other tasks that go with running a company.” Do you find that trying to get your products on Amazon is cumbersome and expensive? Then use the request a quote form to let us know your needs. Our shipping consultant will put your mind at ease and allow you to get back to more important things…like running your business.

After using two other fulfillment places that were nothing but disappointments I found the third time to be the charm. I cannot say enough good things about We-Fulfill, its staff, and its owner Denise Milette.. The company provides the services of a large fulfillment company, with the customer service and special attention of a Mom and Pop shop. I rest easy knowing that I can rely on We-Fulfill to handle my order fulfillment, allowing me the freedom to focus on other important aspect of my business.

Sara Schwimmer

Director, Business Development, PopJudaica

The Affordable Fulfillment Company


We-fulfill was founded because of another small business needing fulfillment and shipping services. This new company was busier than they could have imagined and didn’t have the time or resources to get very important demo information out to potential buyers. Thus We-fulfill was born and continues to this day to work with new entrepreneurs and customizing those needs. Simply fill out the RFQ form and we will customize a quote just for you! You can count on talking with someone and know that we care about your business!

You sell another widget
We pick it, pack it & ship it
You rest easy


The most frequently asked questions. 

How are orders retrieved?

We can retrieve in many different ways. Having access to your admin or shopping cart back end allows us to go in to process orders seamlessly. E mail is another method although this gets cumbersome once your sales increase.

What carriers do you use?

We use Fed X Express, Fed X Ground, UPS and USPS. We do ask that our clients have accounts set up with their preferred company and we can help with that.

Do you offer kitting services?
Yes we do. And we are fast and efficient!
How will I know that orders on a given day have been shipped?
We-fulfill has a program exclusively for our clients that allows you to go in and check real time orders shipped, inventory and billing. You will be provided with a log in and password to access this information.
What happens if the wrong product gets shipped?

Then we pay for the error. We will handle the return of the incorrect product and get the right one to your customer. We are human but our error rate is very low!

Can you ship edibles?

Not at this time.

Those at the top of the mountain didn’t fall there.

Customer Feedback

Kimberly Taylor, Owner BINSI Labor and Birth Apparel:

Outsourcing our fulfillment to We-Fulfill has been one of the best business decisions we have made. Not only is Denise and her staff professional, organized, prompt and reliable but their services have allowed us to focus on what we do best, designing and selling birth skirts! We are now able concentrate our energies on building our brand and spreading the word about BINSI rather than spending our limited time fulfilling daily orders. We can truly rest at ease knowing that our orders are going to be filled promptly and correctly with We-Fulfill.

Lee Hayward:

I’ve been using We-fulfill for a couple years now and their service is simply fantastic. I live in Canada but do most of my business in the USA. By using We-fulfills service I’m able to ship products to my customers for less money then if I were to pack and ship the orders manually myself. Whenever I get an order, I just forward the email to we-fulfill and they package and ship it out the very next day. It is as simple as that.

Jason Lim of Jaya Corp.

Before selecting We-Fulfill as our fulfillment partner five years ago in 2006, we did extensive research and comparison in all relevant categories against other fulfillment houses from coast-to-coast in the USA.  Mathematically, We-Fulfill was clearly the best choice.  That was only the beginning of our wonderful relationship with Denise Milette and her staff.  The true and unquantifiable area where We-Fulfill shines brightly is in the personal service and attention that is given to every client and every package.  From tight deadlines and special handling on ultra-urgent overnight delivery packages to complicated international incoming/outgoing packages with Customs issues, Denise and her staff were always available to assist in anyway necessary to contribute to the successful execution of our business mission.  We-Fulfill has our highest recommendation.”

Chris and Judy Anderson of SleepPros/Zenjala:

Thanks for doing such a great job fulfilling orders for us. Your attention to detail and prompt response and shipping times make life so much easier. Keep up the good work!

Debbie Kaliszewski of Baby Belly Boutique:

We-fulfill has been one of the best decisions our company has made. We were spending half of our day boxing, and shipping orders. We-fulfill has made it possible for Baby Belly Boutique to focus on our sales, marketing and customer service. We-fulfill has been fast, efficient, and very consciences of our and our customers shipping needs. We highly recommend We-fulfil as your processing and fulfillment center.

Allison Friedland of Uncommonly Cute:

The team at We-fulfill is amazing! Every time an order is placed, I breathe a sigh of relief knowing that We-fulfill is on the other side filling it. They are small enough to handle your individual needs and systems but big enough to handle large orders promptly and with ease. Working with them has given me the freedom to really focus on marketing and growing my business. They are instrumental in my day to day operations and are a pleasure to work with. I can not think of anyone I would recommend more than We-fulfill.


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